Emily, a human girl who just finished high school, has been recruited by her own mother, Kay, to work in one of the most feared mobs in the universe.

Meanwhile, a huge war is about to take place and since that sounds like a blast, Emily has decided to record daily vlogs and post them on the Internet.

Alright, what do we have here, then?
Space, because that’s where pretty much everything happens. We are in the far future, so it’s not only about humans dealing with idiotic human problems; this is about aliens dealing with idiotic human problems too.
Vlog, because isn’t the Internet the only way millennials can communicate to each other?
Bang, because we love action. Frank, a military robot that will join Emily in her adventures, will make sure that there’re enough bangs and booms for everybody. As he likes to say, ‘action, baby, ACTION.’

Welcome to Space. Vlog. Bang!, an animated series.